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PT Billing Associates has been providing billing and consulting services since 2004. We are located in the north end of Boston, Massachusetts, and have clients from all over the United States. We specialize in Physical Therapy billing but are not exclusive to that field. We provide services for, but not limited to, chiropractors, nutritionists, psychologist, occupational therapists, speech therapists, general practitioners and massage therapists.

PT Billing Associates was created from the ongoing need to provide comprehensive billing services that could cater to the specialties of physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Over the course of 14 years, the business has expanded to include other specialties in the medical field. Balancing individualized attention for each client with the capacity to manage practices of all sizes, PT Billing Associates gives its clients access to one-on-one attention while addressing all their needs. PT Billing Associates also has experience in assisting businesses with start-up procedures, all facets of practice management, staff training, consulting, and maximizing the revenue cycle.

PT Billing Associates |  Boston, Massachusetts
PT Billing Associates |  Boston, Massachusetts